My Music

I've been studying music in some form or another for 9 years, but composition is more of a recent effort. I started making music in early 2018 so that I could use it in my games.


This is the Cubika soundtrack. I've developed a new style for these songs with some new instruments, and they're starting to work rather well.

Cubika Legacy

This is the old Cubika soundtrack, for a previous version of the game.

DNArcher (download)

The last jam game I've finished to date, this game got 3rd place in the Butterscotch Shenanijam 2019, not very high in the music department, but it was alright.

SkillStrike (Demo) (download)

SkillStrike's soundtrack follows the limitation set from some of my older games, but I've allowed myself to break some rules for some more unique effects.