In late 2019, after a little bit of peer pressure, some random decisionmaking and some weebish justification, I decided to pick up Duolingo to learn Japanese.

My Duolingo streak

I think the stats speak for themselves.

I've been picking up a lot of grammatical bits and fundamentals from Duolingo, but vocabulary appears to be my weakness at the current moment, so I find myself referencing the Jisho online dictionary a lot.

I haven't used any of my Japanese knowledge in a conversation with anyone yet, but that's more of a personal thing that I've yet to overcome. I know that having conversations with people who speak a language natively is important to learning a language effectively, but I haven't built up the confidence to talk to anyone quite yet. I certainly have the intake part down though, I've followed 50 billion Japanese people on Twitter and watch Japanese YouTube videos all of the time, heck, I even play some games in Japanese just to make things more difficult for myself.

As of late, I have started taking classes with a tutor every week. My hopes are to overcome my inability to speak to people, along with becoming more competent in the Japanese language.