Beginnings: This blog, my second year of college, and some more

2021, September 1

In 2020, I decided to take advantage of what the pandemic had given me, which was a nice long chance to think about how things were going, and more importantly, what I'd be doing in my future. I did a lot of things in that time. After I finished my sophomore year of high school, I decided that art school may not be the best idea for me. So, I left. And then, I went to a public school in my area, hoping to see if I could grind for credits and graduate early, or do something to that effect.

Little did I know, this new school would be giving me a lot more than the means to graduate early.

In August of 2020, I had finalized the transfer process, and was planning on just taking a bunch of high level classes to get as many credits as possible. Then, I got on a phone call with my counselor. She told me that there was an early college program at the high school, and that taking it would mean being free from high school classes entirely, and that I would be getting an associate's degree at the end of it all.

I got more than I could have possibly asked for.

It's been a year since then, and now I'm looking at what's coming next. I'm looking to go to Japan for university proper, and I've been studying Japanese for almost 2 years now to meet that goal. I'll be focusing on computer science in uni and working on gamedev projects and the like in my free time. It'll be a very big change in pace for me, but I think it's what I need.

Outside of school, I've been picking up some hobbies as well. For a while, I've been really hooked on rhythm games, and I've been playing plenty of those. Some games of note include DDR, osu!, Etterna, and Sound Voltex. Rhythm games have become a pretty big passion of mine, and I'll be trying to fit their ideas and design into some of my future projects. (hint hint)

DDR has been my means of exercise for the past month or so, and that has been rather fun. Building up the physical stamina and the technical skill to FC higher level charts has been a really big motivator.

Finally, I'd like to talk a bit regarding this blog. I created this on a whim, but I'd like to make some more long-form posts describing how I pulled some stuff off in certain projects, some things of note in my life, and things that I can't just tweet about. While I was working on Cubika, my gamedev tweets would nearly always take up an entire 280 characters, on top of a full video to accompany it. That's what this will be for. No more feature dumps on Twitter.

Expect, at some point in the near future, a post on my most recent jam game, GemStreak: Curse of the Time Machine. I'd like to make a post-mortem of sorts, given that it nosedived pretty hard.

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