Jonathan "pibolib" Ouf


I'm a solo game developer from the Eastern United States.

I was born on October 17, 2003. I've been developing games in GameMaker for about 2 years, and I've recently switched to Godot Engine. I tend to develop games on my own because of a personal goal of complete consistency between game elements (i.e. Music, Art, and Gameplay.)

I don't play games that often, but puzzle games like Tetris and Puyo Puyo are some of my favorites, along with rhythm games such as osu! and A Dance of Fire and Ice. Minecraft and its indie game contemporaries are very important games to me, as well.

Despite my age, I place a lot of value in nostalgia. Both for games before my time, (I am very fond of retro gaming) and more recent things (late 2000s -> early 2010s) because I have had a fascination with the development process. As a developer, I strive to capture the feeling of the indie game scene in the early 2010s when people were still learning the ropes of the industry. That feeling is being lost as time passes, because the internet is a fickle place, and the entire history of some lesser known groups with lots of potential could be lost in an instant. Very few of today's success stories are archived in their entirety, and its those beginning steps that are arguably the most important to archive.

As indie developers, we are put in an interesting position. The AAA industry has its own niche of making the same games over and over every year and consistently managing to make them worse (somehow), but we are able to experiment with interesting game ideas without having to worry about industry standards and expectations getting in the way of us realizing our ideas and potential. As such, it would be in our benefit to archive our history for the sake of future developers.

In the end, I hope to one day have a platform large enough to allow me to share my interest in the largest and most complex part of our modern history and culture.

The Time Capsule: My plans for the future

The date is 2020 October 12. I am currently in college, working to get an associate's degree with my diploma. In 2 years, I will be going to university in Japan. When all is said and done with my university efforts, I hope to live in Japan, possibly working a job in the programming/design industry there, but I will always work to become truly independent.

Site Information

This site isn't anything special, I'm not even running it off of a server I own. It's GitHub pages down to the core. Perhaps, at some point in the future, I'll get my hands on actual hardware to host a server off of.

I'm still learning a lot about web development, so don't be surprised if a single update drastically changes the appearance of things around here. I'm being amazed by all of the wiggly elements you're able to have floating around in a web page.

The styling on this website is built on top of W3.CSS Bootstrap.