About pibolib (Jonathan Ouf)

For a very long time, I have had an interest in game development and music production. I started making games in 2018 with some smaller projects (which can be found on my itch.io page). I started making music at the same time with a goal of producing music for my projects, but that quickly evolved into its own project itself.

I use Godot Engine to develop games, FL Studio to produce music, and Aseprite to create pixel art. For vector and design work, I use Figma. I am proficient in GDScript, Python, and Java. I am additionally capable of using C and the HTML/CSS/JS ecosystem.

In my personal work, I value pushing myself to new levels and consistency in style.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing rhythm games and consuming Japanese media. I have additionally been studying Japanese for several years and am conversational in skill.


Send me an email at me@pibolib.xyz. Spam is not appreciated and will be promptly reported, casual/business emails are always welcome.

時空Δ's Study

時空Δjikuudelta is the name I go by in collaborative works, along with some other special unannounced projects.

Below is a list of works I have contributed to where I have gone by 時空Δ.

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